Web Design and Development Services

At Cyberknight Industries we design websites that provide solutions to your needs. We work with you to build your online identity and provide the greatest impact possible with your online presence. CyberKnight Industries offers various pricing options to fit your needs. We have two starter packages that will get your online presence established at a low cost. We also offer popular add-on features that allow you to customize your website.

- Basic Website Package - Online Business Card - Website Add-Ons -
- Email/Newsletter Campaigns - Website Maintenance - Additional Services -

Basic Website Package

The basic site package is an affordable way to establish your presence on the internet. It is designed for small businesses, political candidates, or others who want a few pages of information online and will not need to change them often. It provides a solid foundation for your needs.

The Basic Web Site Package includes the following:

  • Basic design of site
  • Up to 6 pages
  • Optional Contact/Feedback Form
  • Optional Banner development
  • Meta keywords and phrases (used by search engines to find you)
The cost for the Basic Web Site is $250

What should yo use your site for? You could:
  Provide your company profile or goals.
  Give details about the products or services you offer.
  Collect feedback or comments.
  Announce promotions or special offers you are running.
  Advertise Upcoming Events.
  Provide information or advise in your area of expertise.
  Answer frequently asked questions, or FAQ.

This Package provides the basic building blocks to establish your online presence in an affordable manner. It provides a foundation you can add to later if your needs change.

Online Business Card

The Online Business card is a perfect package for those who are just starting on the internet. This package provides you the same service an advertisement in the yellow pages used to fulfill. The internet is a prominent part of business today. People use the internet to find services and information. Put your information there to be found, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This package offers a quick, easily affordable way to do so.

The Online Business Card Package includes the following:

  • Design of 1 Page
  • Optional Banner development
  • Meta keywords and phrases (used by search engines to find you)

The cost for the Online Business Card is $100

If you need to add a little extra, see out offered add-ons.


Do you want to add a bit more to the basic packages? Possibly add a feedback form to the Online Business Card, add flash movies to your site for more interest, or add more pages to your site. We offer add-ons for the basic packages that allow you to meet your individual needs. You can add onto or upgrade your website at anytime.

  • Additional Pages - $25
  • Flash Development - starting at $50
  • Additional Forms - $50
  • Graphic Design - starting at $50

If we haven't listed your needs, contact us for a quote.

Do you need help finding the correct images to enhance your site. We can help you find the images you need. Tell us what you are looking for and we'll do a search of royalty free images for you, then present you with the options.
Cost $10 per image plus the cost of purchasing the image.
*The cost of these images varies, but we have access to many that are free or very low-cost and will include the costs when we present the options.

Email Newsletter/Campaign Development

Do you need to get quickly information to your customers or patrons? We can provide bulk email development. We can develop HTML email campaigns or newsletters to provide that information in a professional, aesthetic manner.

We are offering this service starting at the price of $60 for the development and mailing to the first 100 addresses, with an additional $5 for each 100 addresses.
We also offer only the email development for $50 if you wish to do your own mailing.

*We do not develop or send spam, instead we work in permission based email campaigns. Sending people unsolicited email, commercial or otherwise, is against the law in many countries worldwide. Besides that, wouldn't you rather be talking to people who you know are interested in what you have to say? Look Here for guidelines for permission based email campaigns.

Website Maintenance

Should you need updates or changes to your site, we can provide the service. We can update information or add content, add a page, or make what changes you need.

We offer web maintenance at $45 an hour.

Service Retainer

Do you expect to regularly update your site. Want to add Newsletters or event schedules? If you expect to do regular updates to your site, CyberKnight Industries offers a retainer plan which will allow you to pre-pay for a set amount of work hours at a discounted hourly rate.

We offer service retainer contracts in 10 hour blocks at $40 an hour.

Normal priority retainers represent 24-72 hour notification "turn around". Retainers can be used for support, general consulting or maintenance contracts but may not be used for new project development. Work completed under a retainer is recorded in 30-minute increments. Retainers are prepaid. Our company maintains a detailed log of all services rendered and produces this for you on a monthly basis. Any hours in excess of your contracted Monthly Retainer level will be billed at the full rate for that service. Hours may be used in any increment throughout a six month period after purchase. Unused retainer hours will not be carried forward or refunded.

Additional Services

Should you need help with additional internet services we can provide them. From setting you up with a Facebook or blog account, to helping you find the right application solution to add to your website. Contact us and we will discuss your needs.

Are you having trouble organizing your ideas for your website? Use our website planning form to help put your thoughts down on paper. From there we can structure the information you want and present it in a meaningful and aesthetic format.



Technology has changed the way we conduct business and exchange information. Whether for business or personal use people have grown accustom to the quick delivery of information the internet provides. Having an online presence provides current and potential customers or patrons instant access to information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This convince for your guests will increase their confidence in you.



The information you provide is generally the most important part of your website. We design our sites to enhance the content, wrapping the visual design around the information. We make the information easy to access through a clear navigation structure to allow your visitors intuitive interaction with your site. At CyberKnight Industries we provide clean, uncluttered designs that conform to today's standards.



Cross browser compatibility is essential. A website that looks great in one browser may look horrible in another. We test our web designs using all the major browsers to ensure that they look great to everyone.


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